A Deli's worth of produce from one Kitchen

Here at the Wobbly Cottage we believe that homemade is best, and that there is nothing more delicious than local food in season at the height of it's juicy tastiness and unmucked about with. This is not to say that we don't like to use our imaginations.

We'd like to offer a deli's worth of produce all from one kitchen. Alongside our year round standards of Wobbly Cottage Bread, Cakes, Dressings, Oil's & Preserves we will be offering monthly seasonal treats which will use that months tip top veg, fruit and foraged things, so you will never see us using Strawberries in December or Asparagus in August.

Due to our extremely short attention spans you'll find lots of different things popping up during the year such as Casseroles, Salads, Terrines, Puddings and Cordials.

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We are very laid back and flexible so if you have an idea or would like us to cater for you, Challenge us by contacting us.


Happy Eating


Rich & Dan 

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